Vantis frozen food half glass door combination cabinets are just right for both centre-site and attractive wall-site displays. Horizontal merchandising of bulk assortments in the open base section and vertical merchandising space for the higher-class products in the reach-in upper section makes the frozen food unit a practical all-rounder.

Key features

  • Modern, timeless design
  • Large stocking capacity, high productivity per unit floor space
  • Optimized refrigeration and air flow control system
  • Energy efficient, patented ""Single-Coil System""
  • Bright, uniform illumination of merchandise in upper and base sections
  • Horizontal and vertical illumination of merchandise in the upper section (standard)
  • Reliable refrigeration with minimum energy consumption
  • Low operating costs
  • Seamless multiplexing with other merchandisers from the Evolution 5 Range


  • Part-glazed, profiled or solid end walls
  • External lighting
  • Handrail lighting for base section
  • Night covers for base section
  • Height-adjustable display grids and wire dividers for base section
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